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    The Horse

    Horse riding is a popular sport and hobby around the world. It is often seen as a sport where the rider do nothing but give commands, however, the riders need to stay stable and balanced can use a lot of muscles, which can get very tiring for those new to the sport. Due to the safety aspects of the sport, it is highly recommended that you go to a professional instructor to start and don’t forget people of any age can go horse riding!
    One can start with riding at any age and it can be a lifelong form of recreation. Therapeutic horseback riding, apart from recreational and sports riding includes a pedagogical and medical component. Riding relaxes and dissolves built up stress, it is very beneficial for overall health, and raises the level of psychophysical capability. It makes one happier with oneself and one’s body. Riding strenghthens the body muscles, the spine, joints and connective tissue. It enhances and balances the motoric functioning, coordination of movements and body agility. Thanks to riding, people can stay active despite their limitations of movement which were caused by an ilness or process of ageing, and in this way the feeling of social isolation and low self-esteem are reduced. In addition, emotional closeness and care for the horse, feeding, grooming, and care, as well as the inseparable part of recreational riding all represent a special pleasure. This activitiy can be included in your holidays in almost every location that we offer. There are no age group limitations and it is organized throughout the year.


    Our Horses are through breed Marwari and Kathiawari. These horses comes from desertic zones in India, marwari from Rajasthan and Kathiawari from Gujarat.

    Horses are very easily identified because of their ears which are touching each other. Because of their Arabic origine, those graceful horses are resistant for riding long distances, can bear warm temperature and stand for a while without drinking . We have actually 5 healthy young horses with really kind character . Sandokan, Imana, Shaman, Nirvana and Samsara are waiting for driving you to << The Nirvana>>

    << The wind of Heaven is which that blows between Horse’s Ears >> -

    Namibian Proverb

    Horse Riding in Nepal Video